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    The mission of NTS, is in part, to offer itself as a theological resource to the Church. In an effort to do so, here we are pleased to share specific ministry resources—projects, papers, ideas and recommendations—offered by the NTS faculty, staff, students and alumni.

  • NTS President's Blog

    Read President Sunberg’s thoughts concerning ministry, the pastorate, theology, theological education and the Church.  

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    The NTS Faculty Blog is intended to provide a forum to highlight the rich intellectual, spiritual, and scholarly contributions of our committed faculty. 

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    In this blog, you can read ministry reflections, devotions, thoughts and prayers of our gifted Alumni.

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    This is space for our students to share what they are learning in their classes and places of ministry.  

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    View books and resources for pastors and others in ministry recommended by our President, faculty and alumni. 

  • Wynkoop Center for Women In Ministry

    The mission of the Wynkoop Center for Women in Ministry is to equip, empower and encourage women called by God to serve in and through the church of Jesus Christ.

  • Didache: Faithful Teaching

    Didache: Faithful Teaching, is an interdisciplinary academic journal offered online that explores the intersections of Christian conviction, culture and education for the Church of the Nazarene and other international Wesleyan communities in higher education.