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Providing scholarships to God-called men and women is important to our mission and operation. A quality education is costly and can saddle ministers with the burden of debt. Thus, scholarships can reap a rich harvest in the lives of well-prepared ministers and healthy mission-directed churches. You can give to a current scholarship or establish a new one.

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You can give to three types of scholarships:

  • Presidents Leadership Grant (PLG)
    The PLG funds the best and brightest from around the world. These funds give a scholarship to a few of the top students from each of the Nazarene universities and colleges. The outstanding students then come to NTS and help set the bar high for other students, and go on to serve the church in ministry around the world.
  • Annual Scholarships
    Annually funded scholarships have the ability to be received and used the same year with no waiting period. The funds received go directly to a student who meets the established criteria.
  • Endowed Scholarships
    Endowed scholarships truly are the gifts that keep on giving. Instead of the entire amount of the gift being awarded outright, the total amount of the gift is invested. Each year, only a portion of the earnings are awarded to students as scholarships, while the remainder are added to the original principal and re-invested.

Click HERE for more information on scholarships, including how you can start one.