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Preach2015 Session Downloads: Links & Passwords

Thank you for purchasing the session downloads for the 2015 Hugh C. Benner Preachers Conference.  Below are links to each of the sessions (click on the name of the preacher listed for each session).  

The password needed to download each video is: preach2015download

SESSION 1 Preacher:  Shawna Songer Gaines

SESSION 2 Preacher:  Albert Hung

SESSION 3 Preachers: Javier & Annette Mondragon

SESSION 4 Preacher:  Phil Stout

SESSION 5 Preacher:  Althea Taylor

SESSION 6 Preacher:  Daron Brown

SESSION 7  Preacher:  Brent Hofen

SESSION 8  Panel Discussion on Preaching in Multicultural Society and Church