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Multiple Delivery Systems

NTS offers courses via a variety of delivery systems, many of which allow students to complete coursework without moving to Kansas City. Click on the course types listed below to learn more about each delivery system. 

Each delivery system has its advantages. For example, traditional semester-long (14-week) courses offer the most face-time with professors and fellow students. However, modular intensive, online and video conference courses allow you to work on your degree without having to move/come to Kansas City.

Residential students who live in the Kansas City area enjoy the most options in course offerings and delivery systems. Should you move to Kansas City?

  • Face to Face Courses

    Includes 1-Week Intensive Modular Courses held on our Multi-Campus Seminary sites and Traditional Semester-Long Courses on the Kansas City campus.

  • Online Courses

    These full semester courses allow you to log on four to five times a week to interact with your professor and other students in engaging conversations. 

  • Video Conference Courses

    By downloading no-cost software, you are able to enter the classroom in real time to engage fully in the class from your personal computer. Instructions are provided at the time of course selection.