Ministry Opportunities

Below are a few local search engine links that might be helpful to you when looking for a ministry opportunity:

In addition to the links above, you will find below some specific opportunities that have been sent to us for posting on the NTS website.  

Are you an employer that is interested in having your ministry opportunity listed on the NTS website? Please fill out the employment form here to have your opportunity listed.  For additional questions, email or call 800.831.3011, ext. 5422


Associate Pastor: Springwater Church of the Nazarene

POSITION/TITLE: Associate Pastor
HOURS : Full-time
WAGE TYPE *: Salary
To provide pastoral care, spiritual life development, and encourage both attendance and ministry involvement in the life of the church.  To provide insight and ideas for creative opportunities in how the church can better share the love of Christ with our community.

Overview of major responsibilities:
• Pray for church and community • Spend time with members of the congregation and encourage their spiritual growth • Visit with those who are homebound or unable to attend weekly worship service • Preach the Word at least once a month either during a Sunday morning service or the nursing home services • Assist the lead pastor and church board in boosting morale and team spirit throughout the leadership and membership of the church • Invest in one’s own spiritual growth through reading, podcasts, and conferences • Provide sound Bible teaching based on scriptural truths and Wesleyan tradition • Teach a Sunday school class or small group • Connect and build relationships with other area pastors • Encourage all members of congregation to actively participate with the Upstate District Church of the Nazarene family • Seek the advice of the Lead Pastor and church leaders when necessary • Be available to help lead pastor in a variety of ministerial duties as requested • Attend and provide a report at the regular monthly board meeting

COMPANY/EMPLOYER NAME : Springwater Church of the Nazarene
COMPANY/EMPLOYER ADDRESS : 8498 Indian Valley Road, P.O. Box 116|Springwater|NY|14560|US
CONTACT NAME : Nathaniel Ferguson
CONTACT PHONE : (585) 669-2173


English-Ministry Pastor: SangAmDong Church of the Nazarene

POSITION/TITLE: English-Ministry Pastor
HOURS: Full-Time (40 Hours)
WAGE: Salary ₩ 2,000,000 ($1,700 - $1,800) and Allowance (Two-bedroom apartment in Seoul, worth $1,500)
JOB DESCRIPTION: SangAmDong Church of the Nazarene is placed at Seoul in Korea. It is one of the biggest Nazarene churches in Korea.  Its Sunday service Adult attendants are over 1,000.  English service and Bible study are its missional ministries.

The majority of the service attendants is Korean believers who speak English and want to improve their English-speaking.  Moreover, many non-Christian Koreans want to learn English.  Through the English ministries, the church wants to meet non-Christians and share the gospel with them.

In addition, the minority of the service attendants are English-speaking people who have come from other countries.  Around the church there are many international companies and residences in which multiracial, multicultural people work and live.  Through the English ministries, the church aims to meet the multicultural people and share the gospel with them.

Churhc leaders and members support and cooperate with the English-Ministry Pastor in finance and facilities.  If the English pastor plans English ministries, the church will work together with all church resources. 

Adult English Service on Sunday
Children English Service on Sunday
Adult English Bible Study
Teaching English at church preschool (Less than 10 hours)

District License Holder
Missional Heart for non-Christians
Availability to work for 2 years (2018/01/01 - 2019/12/31)
Resume with face photo
Professor Recommendation Letter
Pastor Recommendation Letter

CONTACT NAME: David-Young Kim
CONTACT PHONE: 913.957.5005
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Application Deadline: June 11, 2017.  Interview Schedule: June 12, 2017 - June 20, 2017.


Children's Ministry Intern: Lawrence First COTN

POSITION/TITLE: Children’s Ministry Intern
HOURS : Part-time (less than 20 hrs.)
WAGE TYPE *: Paid internship
EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCE : No educational minimum required
JOB REQUIREMENTS : Lawrence First Church of the Nazarene in Lawrence, Kansas (about 40 minutes West of NTS) is looking for a summer intern to lead our Children’s ministry while our Family Pastor is on sabbatical.

This person should have a vibrant faith in Jesus and a clear ministry calling. We have a tremendous group of leaders and volunteers in place who will make sure this person is set up to succeed. However, we also will give the right person room to dream up new ideas and try new things as they lead our kids and families during this time.

COMPANY/EMPLOYER NAME : Lawrence First Church of the Nazarene
COMPANY/EMPLOYER ADDRESS : 1470 N. 1000 Rd.|Lawrence|Kansas|66046|US
CONTACT NAME : Robby Giffin
CONTACT PHONE : (785) 840-6991
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/COMMENTS : This internship will require 6-10 hours each week (around 12 weeks, Mid-May through Mid-August) and will come with a salary of $100/week. This is a great opportunity for one who plans to go into Children’s Ministry. In addition to the experience in Children’s Ministry, we would be happy to provide other opportunities within the church that may help you fulfill additional educational/internship requirements. We are very willing to be flexible with your summer schedule so please feel free to inquire with any questions. God bless!


Chaplain: Theodore Naish Scout Reservation

View the position flyer HERE.

POSITION: Boy Scout Chaplain
WAGE TYPE: Salary, $3,900
*Men or Women may apply.
*Be at least 21 years old, preferably 25+ years old.
*Be registered with the Boy Scouts of America (Not required at time of application)
*Ideal candidate would be ordained, in a seminary/theology program for ordination, or a religious school educator.  As a minimum, a candidate should have demonstrated experience in lay or professional youth work and ministry.
*Scouting experience preferred, but not mandatory.


CONTACT PHONE: 913.709.0300


Director of Children's Ministry: Leawood Presbyterian

POSITION/TITLE: Director of Children’s Ministry 
HOURS : Full-time 
WAGE TYPE *: Salary 
JOB REQUIREMENTS : The Director of Children’s Ministry (“Director”) will provide energy, oversight, and daily direction to all aspects of LPC Kids (infants through 6th grade), and seek to integrate children’s ministry within all areas of ministry at Leawood Presbyterian Church (“LPC”). The Director will implement LPC’s vision for children’s ministry and lead alongside a team of staff, elders, and key volunteers in developing a ministry in which children and families will come to: KNOW God; GROW in their relationships with God; SHOW God in the community; and GO lead a life of love, witness, and service to God. The Director will work to further develop a culture in which parents are equipped to be the primary spiritual leaders of their children.

The ideal candidate will demonstrate a heart for God with a growing relationship in Christ substantiated by daily Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. The candidate will have a high level of integrity guided by biblical and ethical principles. He or she will also display a strong, disciplined, and consistent work ethic. Being a proactive and ambitious “team player” is essential. Exemplifying a teachable spirit and receiving criticism with humility are imperative. The ideal candidate will be a strong leader that demonstrates an attitude of servant-hood; administrative aptitude; and possesses the ability to recruit, build, and manage a team of leaders in the children’s ministry.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: • Bachelor’s Degree, Christian education preferred • Ministry experience that includes working closely with families and children • Proven leadership and management skills • Strong relational skills and works well in a team setting • Creative, highly motivated, proactive, and innovative • Strong communication skills • Working knowledge of technology/social media • Organizational skills for growing, mobilizing, and maintaining a strong and effective team and program

COMPANY/EMPLOYER NAME : Leawood Presbyterian Church
COMPANY/EMPLOYER ADDRESS : 2715 W. 83rd Street|Leawood|KS|66206|US
CONTACT NAME : Scott McDonald
CONTACT PHONE : (913) 649-1144
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/COMMENTS : To apply online, visit the employment page of the church website