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An Intentional Invesment 

Your ongoing, regular gift to NTS is incredibly important!  Your regular gifts to our annual fund ultimately make it possible for our students to receive an education and to be formed into the minister that God has called them to be; they enable us to respond to unexpected needs, recruit and retain top-notch faculty, and focus on our mission of preparing kingdom leaders.  Click here to give.

SILVER LEVEL/CLUB 300 ($300/year or $25/month):  

Your $300 gift assists us in preparing kingdom leaders for the future. As a “thank you” from NTS you will receive a 50% discount on a membership to the NTS Center for Pastoral Leadership (CPL) website.  Click here to give.  

GOLD LEVEL ($1,000/year or $83.33/month):  

Your $1,000 gift assists us in building our capacity to reach out to more students who are called to prepare for their work in God’s kingdom. As a “thank you” from NTS you will receive a free membership to the NTS CPL website.  Click here to give. 

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE ($5,000/year or $416.60/month):  

Your $5,000 gift is a partnership with NTS to assist us in building our  capacity to more effectively grow and sustain the ministries which are a part of Dr. Sunberg’s vision.  Your  investment will be used in part to fund the President’s Leadership Grant, which provides full-ride grants to first year students who have been highly recommended as leaders. As a “thank you” from NTS you will receive a free membership to the NTS CPL website. Also, once a year Dr. Sunberg will host a gathering of those who are a part of the President’s Circle. This circle of supporters will receive an invitation to meet together with theologians, ministers, and biblical scholars for a weekend of robust theological conversation around some of the important issues of our day.  Click here to give. 


Click here to learn about giving to Student Scholarships. 

Click here to download a PDF that details the many ways to give to NTS.