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“The God who made the world and everything in it…gives everyone life and breath and everything else.” (Acts 17:24-25 NIV) 

Last month,  we began to explore our personal theologies of giving by considering how we’ve been shaped by our early childhood memories. 

Specifically, the question was, “What is your earliest memory of giving or receiving?”

Related to that question, “Did your family talk about money in your home? What did you learn from your family about giving and volunteering?”

If you grew up in a Christian, church-going home, you may have been exposed to a lifestyle that included a generous spirit in the form of volunteering—whether family members taught Sunday school, housed missionaries, visited others, baked cookies or sang in the choir. Perhaps that spirit also included faithful and sacrificial giving to the church through a 10% tithe and special offerings, plus responding to financial needs of other members.

If so, consider the important lessons that you have absorbed from your family’s example. Consider the Scriptural principles that may have served as their guideposts. How are you a faithful curator of that holy legacy?

If your upbringing was void of such positive memories, your story may be one of overcoming through your response to God’s loving faithfulness. Many such examples suggest that one can learn—even from a negative example—what brings true joy in life.

So, “What did you learn from your family about giving and volunteering?” 

Seeking First His Kingdom,

Tim McPherson
Dean for Institutional Advancement
(816) 787-5911