NTS News

Dr. Chad Laughrey ('14)

The work through my Pastoral Research Project at NTS has helped to instill the importance of uniting theological reflection with practical ministry application.  This project has aided me in approaching ministry more holistically.  As a result, it has helped me shift from seeing my role as focusing primarilyon the education of individuals to using theological and scriptural concepts to develop transformative ministries into the life of the local church.

Dr. Chad Laughrey (‘14)
Preaching Minister
Countryside Christian Church l Kearney, NE


Dr. Darrell R. Jones ('11)

My 20 years of pastoral ministry have borne witness to a rapidly changing culture.  The MDiv had prepared me well, but with another 20 years of ministry ahead I found myself asking how to better lead a congregation in bearing witness of the presence of God to our community and world.  The DMin at NTS helped me find the answers I was looking for.  The research, reading, writing, reflection, and dialogue have been tools that the Holy Spirit is using to transform me, the church and the community that God has planted me in.

Dr. Darrell R. Jones (‘11)
Senior Pastor
Grace Evangelical Church


Dr. Jesse Middendorf ('00)

25 years into my ministry I realized that I was desperately in need of updating my library, and the resources with which I was familiar. I also realized that I needed to re-immerse myself in an educational endeavor for the last half of my ministry. I investigated a large number of doctoral programs and came to the firm conclusion that NTS could provide in both breadth and depth just what I needed as a pastor in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition. The NTS Doctor of Ministry Program met and exceeded all of my expectations. I continue to draw daily—literally daily—from the insights I gained in the NTS Doctor of Ministry Program. I couldn’t be more supportive; to me, the Doctor of Ministry Program is one of the most appealing aspects of what NTS has to offer the Church today.

Dr. Jesse Middendorf (‘00)
General Superintendent Emeritus, Church of the Nazarene


Dr. Norm Shoemaker ('04)

I decided upon the NTS Doctor of Ministry Degree Program for two reasons: First, without exception, each of the modules was being taught and facilitated by faculty members not at NTS at the time I completed my Master’s Degree there; I valued the opportunity to study with a new generation of Nazarene scholars. And secondly, the Academic Dean was extremely helpful in his encouragement, interest, and support, in contrast to the otherwise pre-occupied administrators I met from several other institutions. The overall strength of the NTS Doctor of Ministry Program in my estimation is the learning that occurs in the context of community. The unique opportunity to “journey” for two years with a cohort of peers determined to stretch and grow, became a gift of God’s grace. We “fanned the flame” in each other, beginning as hopeful strangers and emerging as devoted friends.

Dr. Norm Shoemaker (‘04)
Director of the Center for Pastoral Leadership
Point Loma Nazarene University (San Diego, CA)


Dr. Ruthie Cordova ('05)

The NTS Doctor of Ministry Degree Program has equipped me with fresh knowledge, resources and tools that helped me to expand my own limits and drive more passion for my ministry.

Dr. Ruthie Cordova (‘05)
Professor and Public Relations Director
Nazarene Seminary of the Americas (San Jose, Costa Rica)