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DMin Financial Information

The “base” program cost per student in the NTS DMin program consists of:

  • 24 credit hours (residential seminars & Pastoral Research Project) at the prevailing tuition rate.
  • Applicable registration fees (see Tuition and Fees for current rates).
  • In addition, students are responsible for all expenses associated with earning their 6 credit hours of electives.

Once enrolled into the program, students are automatically billed for 5 consecutive payment-due-dates (see DMin Calendar for these dates). Students are responsible to pay in full all tuition and fees due NTS by the payment-due-date indicated on the bill:

  • Payment-due-dates #1-3 = 6 credits each for the 3 required residential seminars.
  • Payment-due-dates #4-5 = 3 credits each for the Pastoral Research Project. PRP course tuition is due at these payment-due-dates immediately subsequent to completion of the Residential Seminars, regardless of student activity or progress on the PRP.
  • Tuition and/or fees for any elective work done at NTS or in arrangement with NTS faculty during a semester would constitute an additional charge. Students who take elective courses at other institutions are responsible to pay tuition and fees to that institution.
  • Any student who has not completed the program before the sixth payment-due-date will be automatically enrolled in DMN956 “Pastoral Research Project Continuation” and a continuation fee will apply then and be charged for each subsequent payment-due-date until the program is completed (see Tuition and Fees for current rates).

Any alteration of this billing cycle requires action of the DMin Committee upon petition by the student.

Note to Canadian students: As the official Nazarene seminary for the U. S. and Canada, NTS accepts payment in Canadian funds on par with the US Dollar amounts indicated in official tuition and fee statements.