Diaconal Ministries Diploma

MACFD students seeking to meet all academic requirements for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene must complete the Diploma in Diaconal Ministry in conjunction with the MACFD.

Students seeking this diploma will take 51 hours of prescribed coursework (19 hours MACFD and 30 credit hours diploma coursework; 2 credit hours of field education in diploma substitutes for 2 MACFD research hours).

  • CED730 Curriculum Design and Delivery (3 hrs)
  • CHS530 History & Polity of the Church of the Nazarene (3 hrs)
  • EVG510 Evangelism through Local Church (3 hrs)
  • ICS510 Congregational Mission (3 hrs)
  • PTH505 Core Relationships for Christian Ministry (3 hrs)
  • PTH550 Pastoral Care & Counseling (3 hrs)
  • THE760 Christian Ethics (3 hrs)  
  • CED531/541/551/561 Supervised Ministries (1 hr) Substitutes for CED570 Ministry Research in Christian Education
  • CED631/641/651/661 Supervised Ministries (1 hr) Substitutes for CED670 Ministry Research Practicum

Program note: COSAC Ability Statements Concerning Worship covered in Education Specialization.