Certificate Programs

The NTS Certificate and Diploma Programs complement the our Master’s Degree Programs. They are non-degree programs that address specialized needs for ministry preparation. They are not substitutes for the degree programs, but may be earned in conjunction with a degree. The Certificate programs require 12 credit hours and may require additional hours of contextualized education.

For a degree-receiving student to also receive a certificate, the certificate must include course work not specifically required for his/her degree. Certificates will only be granted to students who apply for said certificate and complete the required courses.

The purpose of the certificate and diploma programs are:

  1. To offer a substantial measure of graduate theological education to qualified persons who, for various reasons, cannot pursue one of the masters degrees; and
  2. To provide certified ministry focus in conjunction with earning one of the master’s degrees.

To be admitted to one of the Certificate or Diploma programs a person must satisfy the criteria for admission to NTS. Work done to fulfill Certificate and Diploma requirements can be applied to one of the masters degrees provided the time between completing the Certificate or Diploma and beginning the Master’s Degree does not exceed eight years.