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Growing Up

Rev. Daron Brown (‘01)
Lead Pastor, Waverly (TN) Church of the Nazarene
NTS Alumni Council, TNU Region Member-at-Large

Much has changed in the nearly twenty years since I enrolled at NTS. Most importantly, I have changed. And I’m still changing. My NTS experience put me on a trajectory of growth in a number of ways. I am different because of NTS. I am a better person and a better pastor because of NTS. I am a pastor who thinks theologically because of NTS. I am blessed beyond measure because of NTS. I am NTS.

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Those With Us on the Journey

Rev. Jeremy Selvidge (‘10)
Lead Pastor, Mount Pleasant (MI) Church of the Nazarene
NTS Alumni Council, ONU Region Member-at-Large

As I was reading through Philippians recently I was impressed by something in Paul’s writings. Paul was not alone. Paul had people who worked with him on the journey. In chapter two he mentions Epaphroditus, “my brother, co-worker and fellow soldier, who is also your messenger, whom you sent to take care of my needs.” This wasn’t the only one who fit this job description. Paul couldn’t do it alone…

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Knowing Where the Rocks Are: What Seminary Can’t Teach You, But Can Prepare You To Learn

Dr. Tim Crutcher (‘05)
Professor of Church History and Theology
Southern Nazarene University
NTS Alumni Council, SNU Region Member-at-Large

It’s been almost twenty years since I graduated from Nazarene Theological Seminary. My journey since then has taken me across several continents in a variety of ministry settings, though most of my work has been focused on education in one way or another. Through it all, I have come to appreciate my seminary education more and more—not so much for what seminary taught me but for what seminary prepared me to learn.

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Theological Education and the Gifts of Grace

Rev. Phil Hamner (‘95)
Senior Pastor, Overland Park (KS) Church of the Nazarene
NTS Alumni Council, MNU Region Member-at-Large

My journey to full time Christian ministry began in the back pew of a church in Austin, Texas. It came to life when a pastor mentor looked at me, and said these words, “Phil, you have a call to preach, and you won’t be happy until you follow it.” So, within two years of that revelatory statement, my wife and I packed our bags and headed to Nazarene Theological Seminary.

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Funeral and Fiesta: Leading Worship in Major and Minor Keys

Dr. John Nielson (‘93)
Lead Pastor, Melwood (MD) Church of the Nazarene
NTS Alumni Council ENC Region Member-at-Large

Someone said that all worship should include both funeral and fiesta. We tend to be pretty good at the latter, but not so much the former. We celebrate, praise and rejoice, but do we regularly allow time and space for confession, tears and lament?

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Rev. David Young (‘07) wrote an article on his personal blog “All Things New” yesterday talking about WAITING and specifically about WAITING in relation to Advent.  Check it out here…it is definitely worth the read:  allthingsnew21.blogspot.com/2013/12/waiting.html.


Because Spiritual Formation Happens Best in Community...

Rev. Carla Sunberg (‘04) l NTS Alumni Association President
Co-District Superintendent, East Ohio Church of the Nazarene

Raised as a missionary kid I never had much time to be around grandparents or aunts and uncles. The church family became my extended family and the community that helped to raise me. As a little girl my parents had a “German Grandma” for me and my brother Kurt. We each had to sit with our Grandma during church on Sundays because Dad was preaching and Mom was leading the music. I still remember the pew we used to sit in every Sunday.

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