365 m / Diploma or Certificate in Cross–Cultural Studies

Looking for a significant and dynamic way to explore cultures and serve in the world?  If so, 365m might be for you!  This year-long global mission experience couples together graduate-level intercultural studies with hands-on experience in cross-cultural settings around the globe.  In 365 days, through intensive module classes, online coursework, and on-the-ground training and mentoring, you can earn a 24 credit graduate Diploma or 15 credit graduate Certificate in Cross-Cultural Studies, while embarking on an experience of a lifetime.

Watch this video from 365m participants Wes and Sarah Steisslinger.

If you are interested in 365m and have additional questions, please contact Derek Davis, Director of Academic Programs, at 816.268.5413 or email dldavis@nts.edu.


Wes and Sarah Steisslinger - 365M from Nazarene Theological Seminary on Vimeo.


365m Testimonial -  Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson - 365M from Nazarene Theological Seminary on Vimeo.