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MAY 8 - 17, 2017

Our expert faculty will bring the Reformation to life on this one-of-a-kind academic travel program. Register today, and join us as we explore Germany & Switzerland in May 2017.

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  • Be in Germany & Switzerland for the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. 

  • Visit Martin Luther’s birthplace, the monastery where he began to understand the gospel of grace and the church where he nailed his 95 Theses to the door. 

  • Tour the castle where Luther translated the New Testament into German and visit the home of his collaborator and first systematic theologian of the reformation, Philip Melanchthon.
  • Visit Geneva, Switzerland, home of John Calvin and of Scottish Reformer, John Knox.
  • Tour Zurich, Switzerland, home of the Swiss Reformer, Ulrich Zwingli.

  • Enjoy new cultures, traveling with experts scholars from MVNU and NTS and discovering places you’ve only read about. Plus taste real Swiss chocolate, cheese and German cuisine!

  • This trip is open to alumni, pastors, and friends of both MVNU and NTS.

NOTE:  April 1, 2016 is the first day to secure a spot by submitting the enrollment form and a $100 fee. Click here to view the full itinerary, cost information, details on getting course credit (at MVNU or NTS), and/or to REGISTER TODAY!  

This trip is co-hosted by MVNU and Nazarene Theological Seminary