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Disciplines of Christian Spiritual Formation

Taught by Dr. Doug Hardy, NTS Professor of Spiritual Formation

August 11, 18 & 25, 2014

For an hour at 7:00pm (Central Time Zone) on Monday August 11, Monday August 18 and Monday August 25, Dr. Hardy will answer three important questions about the Christian spiritual life: 

  1. Why are disciplines necessary?
  2. What disciplines are important?
  3. How do I make disciplines a part of my own spiritual journey? 

These three webinars are free and require no advance or follow-up assignments.

District-licensed and ordained ministers who attend all 3 webinars will receive 3 hours of lifelong learning credits.  

For more detailed information and a link to register, go to The Discipleship Place.  


September 8 – October 31, 2014

For eight weeks in September & October, Dr. Hardy will facilitate an online learning experience based on his brief book, Christian Disciplines: Creating Time & Space for God (Beacon Hill Press, 2013). 

This course is specially designed for: 

  1. Persons of faith who wish to strengthen their personal spiritual practice, or
  2. Leaders in the Church who wish to be better prepared to teach others about Christian disciplines. 

The course is free and available to all at whatever level of participation one desires, but purchase and use of the book is required for those who wish to receive a certificate of completion for all eight weeks, including lifelong learning credits for pastors.  Nazarene district-licensed and ordained ministers shall receive 20 Lifelong Learning hours upon submission of the course certificate of completion to their District Lifelong Learning Coordinator.

To self-enroll in the course, go to ntsx.nts.edu and do the following:  (1) go to ntsx.nts.edu, (2) create an account, (3) confirm the account from the email that will be automatically sent to you, (4) log back into NTSx and (5) select the course “Christian Disciplines”, and self-enroll.

The course is currently available for enrollment, but the weekly coursework will not be accessible until the first week of September. 

The schedule & topics are:

  1. Welcome to the course (September 8 – 14)
  2. Why Disciplines? (September 15 – 21)
  3. Reading – Shaping Story & Enabling Perspective (September 22 – 28)
  4. Praying – Shaping Speech & Enabling Honesty (September 29 – October 5)
  5. Connecting – Shaping Vision & Enabling Humility (October 6 – 12)
  6. Fasting – Shaping Appetite & Enabling Self-Control (October 13 – 19)
  7. Giving – Shaping Attitude & Enabling Generosity (October 20 – 26)
  8. Receiving – Shaping Posture & Enabling Trust (October 27 – 31)

Click here to download a PDF with above Webinar and MOOC information.